Dear fans of Kemonone Row

Hi. I’m the administrator of this website. I made this English page for Kemonone Row fans all over the world.

I live in Yamagata Prefecture. It’s in the Tohoku region of Japan.I love the local environment and the people who live here.I’m pouring my energy into conveying the appeal of this place, which I love, to the world.

In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics will be held in Japan. People worldwide will be focusing on Japan. And many people will be sure to visit Japan, too. To me, this is the perfect opportunity. I absolutely want people to focus on Tohoku, too. I want them to know about the wonderful ocean, fields, and mountains. I want them to know about the hearts of the people here and how they live. That is my ambition.

It would make me happy to receive words of understanding and agreement about the charms of this region. Then, I would convey those positive impressions and hopes as a kind of proof to the children here. Those objective evaluations would be one way to give encouragement and strength to these children, who are at that age when they are apt to wonder, “Do I just think this place is great because I live here?” In this way, I want to convey hope to the next generation.

on the past,from here,for youth,to you.

The staff here are extremely inexperienced with English. This English version was prepared through my own research and requests from professionals here and there.
If you come across some English that’s hard to understand, please let us know via the “Contact Us” email form.