Here is a link to a package of Row’s digital images.

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-attention- it contains only images. if you want to get dates of MMD-model,

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illustlator: Yukanuntius_el
modelor: Tsunekiti Shino
logo designer: Yuma

here is individual dates: open new tab or new window, and save.

KemononeRow.Revo official image ver.2016 / by Yukanuntius_el

KemononeRow.Revo official image ver.basic / by Yukanuntius_el

KemononeRow.Revo official image ver.humankind / by Yukanuntius_el

KemononeRow.Revo MMD-model (details, varied viewpoints) / by Tsunekiti Shino

KemononeRow.Revo MMD-model (standing pose) / by Tsunekiti Shino

Logo / by Yuma

Not Packaged Images

official image of ver.KemononeRow.Revo-Re:chain-Deeper / by Kitakado

this image is packaged in sound data “KemononeRow.Revo-Re:chain-Deeper” .
the version is effective in polyphony, chorus, exotic pieces and ethnic pieces.