Our Philosophy

We express what lies within the people’s hearts, providing them with excitement and joy.

When we talk about what is inside a person’s heart we are referring to their life’s purpose which includes their precious family, their interests, their company, and their products. Expression happens when the elements necessary to discover someone’s hidden life’s purpose are made a reality. Finally, the excitement and joy are the feelings the result from finding it.

We disseminate what it is that makes people and places special and brighten both spirits and futures.

A place is special because of how the people there live and people themselves are unequivocally fascinating. We want to detail what it is that makes people appealing. By sharing this with people from all over, we can brighten both the future of an area and the spirits of the people within.

We continue to progress as partners that nurture kindness and compassion and help make each other’s dreams come true.

We continue to interact with others with the compassion necessary to live harmoniously within society while we work to develop into people that help others achieve their goals as we achieve our own.

Project Implementation Outline

Project Background

Japan’s population decline in recent years has been remarkable. In particular, efforts have failed to curtail the increase in depopulated villages in rural areas due to the outflow of the labor force to the cities, and there is some fear that local residents will soon be unable to maintain their livelihoods. It is essential that measures are taken to increase the nonresident population by getting the younger generation, the labor force, to return to these areas in order for sustainable development of the local economy to be successful.


The goal is for locals who have moved away from rural areas to return and contribute to local economic development.


Locals who have moved away.


By recreating culture and anecdotes from rural areas as charming stories told by the character Row and transmitting them to an unspecified number of the viewers, we encourage as many local people as possible to return to their hometowns.

Type of Project

Public Interest