before you sing with Row…

Install UTAU-Synth.

Here is link to manual web-site.

UTAU web site


Edited sound sources based on “tandoku-on .Revo”. You are able to get Row to sing more smoothly.

how to use

Latest version (published in 2016)



Latest version Download

Earlier version





Earlier version Download

about tandoku-on

Tandoku-on stands for sound sources based on japanese syllable.
using these sources of the syllabary order, you are able to get Row to sing very very simply.


-bright, vivid


-light, clear


-deep, calm


-soft, airly


-tender, whisper


-mature, traditional

tandoku-on Download

CVVC under development

setting up cooperators Re:chain -Taiki Aoi / Whisper – Korokoro / CVVC : Nanakao

recommended tools : presamp, autoCVVC

CVVC Download

guideline about this CVVC

Refer to and follow respective program’s Readme.

Download password : you find it in caption on “Low’s pain -Revo Edit-”